Dual Color version also for the P6 series of Bluefin LEDs

versione dual color anche per la serie p6 di bluefin led news 1

Bluefin LED presented the Dual Color version in 2016 with the P12 series, it was also introduced on the new P24 and today is the turn of the Piranha P6 Nitro.

Which Color ?

Versione Dual Color anche per la serie P6 di Bluefin LED n.1

The market has decreed that the most popular color for a diving light is white, with 55% of preferences, followed by blue with 40%, the other options including the variation version are divided only 5%.

Note that on smaller boats, the choice of blue exceeds that of white, while on medium and large boats the choice of white is well predominant.

In short, a market that is divided between the choice of white and blue. So in 2016 the idea of inserting the first Dual Color Bluefin LED headlamp on the P12 series was born.

Today for the P12 and P24 series the Dual Color version is the most popular, confirming once again that the careful choices of Bluefin LED in meeting the market, bring with them a certain genius.

By popular demand the Dual Color on Piranha P6 Nitro series

Versione Dual Color anche per la serie P6 di Bluefin LED n.2
Versione Dual Color anche per la serie P6 di Bluefin LED n.3

It was easy for Bluefin LED to understand that a Dual Color version would also be a welcome option for users of the famous Piranha P6 Nitro series. Today we are pleased to announce it.

The Dual Color version allows you to use only white, or only blue or both. When we select only one color, brightness and absorption are halved, this is also useful to save energy when there is no strict need to spread the maximum power. If, on the other hand, we want to use both lights, we will obtain maximum power with a resultant colour close to cold white, with a valuable effect when it is released into the sea.

If we want to create a festive atmosphere, the Dual Color, as the fourth mode, has the strobe function with alternating between the two colors.

Today the Piranha P6 Nitro series boasts a brightness of 3500 lumens, which can be too intense in some cases, and the Dual Color allows you to intelligently halve this brightness. And if you can't overcome the indecision between white and blue, then the Dual Color is just what you need.

The Dual Color P6 version is only available in the 12V option and is already available in our warehouse today. You can buy it at the best nautical retailers.