If everything ages STEINER does it differently

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Everybody knows: STEINER binoculars are indestructible, but after several years they may need a revision, let's explain this procedure ...

Procedure for the revision of STEINER binoculars

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The Commander series binoculars have a 30-year warranty and the Navigator series has a 10-year warranty. The warranty does not cover rubber parts, straps, cases, blinkers and lens covers, i.e. all those parts that inevitably deteriorate in use, a bit like a car tyre.

In case you need assistance for a STEINER binoculars, if the intervention is not recognized under warranty, there are fixed rates:

  • 139,00 Euro (VAT included) for all 7 x 50 models of the Commander and Navigator series.
  • 90,00 Euro (VAT included) for 7 x 30 models of the Navigator series

In case you need assistance, just like any product distributed by Marine Pan Service, you can follow the following instructions:

Assistance - Marine Pan Service

However, in the case of STEINER binoculars, it is not our technicians who will operate them, but the intervention of the STEINER masters is strictly required. Therefore, the binoculars will be sent by us to Germany and the above prices include all necessary transport costs.

We must necessarily point out that the entire procedure takes several weeks to complete. So you will be careful not to send in a revised STEINER binoculars before your holiday, but you will work at the end of the season or at a time when you are not using your binoculars.

At STEINER your serviced binoculars will be treated by master craftsmen, and when you receive the revised binoculars, they will look as good as new to you.

Binoculars that are over 30 years old can also tend to be overhauled. If your binoculars cannot be serviced, due to lack of specific parts or because they have suffered major injuries, STEINER will offer you a new pair of binoculars at a 20% discount from the price list.

You use STEINER binoculars for life and send them to the next generation...