Cobra Marine's new fixed VHF premieres

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New solutions for the new Cobra Marine fixed VHF, aimed at implementing the level of security offered and the simplicity of use.

The Market Turns on the Spotlight

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Cobra Marine began producing marine VHF about 10 years ago and since then the VHF has worn new design concepts, to become more reliable, better usable and more performing.

There is no doubt that the release of each model of Cobra Marine has attracted everyone's attention and aroused countless observations on the new solutions adopted.

This explains the pulsating wait for the new Cobra Marine fixed VHF and it is for the same reason that today we can no longer hesitate to present them, although they will only be available in May 2015, although a first partial batch is already planned for the end of March, but will only satisfy very few lucky ones.

The new Cobra Marine fixed VHFs are elegant, full of new features, totally simplified in use and with solutions to mark a new milestone in the levels of security offered.

Four versions are presented:

The letters "B" (Black) indicate the black version, while "W" (White) indicates the white version.
The MR F77 GPS E models differ from the MR F57 E for integrating GPS.
These new models will replace all current models in the Cobra Marine fixed VHF line.

Let's finally find out.

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To increase the level of safety, these marine VHFs include Automatic Radio Check, which allows you to check the voltage of the batteries being transmitted, the RF transmission power and the operation of the antenna.
In this way we can check if the power supply is sufficient, if the VHF is transmitting at the right power and if the antenna is fully operational. I mean, we can immediately tell if our VHF is not working perfectly.

The Rewind Say Again, an exclusive feature of Cobra Marine, could not be missing. It can digitally store the last 20 seconds of signal received, thus increasing the security that any important message is not lost.

These new fixed VHFs include voice amplifier functionality, so they send audio messages to the entire crew, connecting the output to an external speaker.

The display is large (30 x 56 mm) and can show all operating modes in the same screen, so that the user has no surprises during any situation.

Operation is well aided by the soft keys located under the display that facilitate operations in the various menus, being placed under the function indicated on the screen. The channel caption helps to understand the intended use of each channel, indicating with a brief description the selected channel.

As usual for the Chicago-based company, the flush-mounting kit is included and the flush-mounting dimensions are exactly the same as those of the previous Cobra Marine fixed VHFs, so we won't have to drill the flush-mounting further to replace the old VHF. Same situation in case of installation on bracket which is the same as that of previous models, you can then use the old bracket, without having to fix the new one.

NMEA IN for primary or secondary GPS data input. NMEA Output to show on the nautical GPS the boats involved in a DSC communication.

They also offer the possibility of scanning external alarms from other on-board devices. We can in fact be alerted by the VHF speaker in case of arrival alarms, MOB etc.. This solution is compatible with Garmin, Simrad, B&G and some Raymarine devices.

The construction is submersible (IPx7) and the frame is made of die-cast aluminium with large cooling fins.

Differences between MR F57 E and MR F77 GPS E

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The MR F77 GPS E models include an internal GPS. 90% of DSC calls arrive at coastal stations without including the position coordinates, this is because errors have been made in the installation or simply for forgetting to interface a GPS to the VHF.
The internal GPS of the MR F77 GPS E avoids wiring for the interface and ensures that the position is always sent to each DSC call even if your nautical GPS is no longer working.

The MR F57 E models will still benefit from the C.P.S. (Cobra Positioning System) functionality to have a reliable GPS position. In fact, they can connect, in plug & play mode, the optional CPS module, which consists of a GPS dedicated to the positioning needs of a marine VHF. The CPS is expected to be available in June 2015.